10 Reasons Companies Should Be Hiring Military Veterans

Companies take note: hiring a veteran of the U.S. Military comes with a host of benefits.

A number of Quora users responded to the question “What are the advantages of hiring someone who has been in the U.S. Military?” Of the responders, retired Marine sergeant and current hiring manager Jon Davis outlined ten key reasons employers should hire military veterans.

1. Veterans come from a previous culture built for mission accomplishment in mind.

2. Veterans have ingrained leadership talents

3. Veterans take their responsibilities seriously

4. Intuition is a skill, and the military teaches it

5. Military people will openly tell you when something is wrong

6. Military people will get the job done

7. When given the necessary support, veterans are extremely capable

8. Veterans are independent

9. Military personnel know the meaning of hard work

10. The government pays for veteran education

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