CBS Offers a Shockingly Positive Look at Women and Guns: A ‘Great American Tradition’

CBS This Morning journalists on Thursday offered something Americans rarely see on network television: A thoroughly positive look at guns and the affinity women have for shooting. Reporter Jan Crawford told viewers that this is “completely removed” from gun violence. She enthused, “These women see their sport as this great American tradition that they hope their daughters and their granddaughters will continue and that others will go out and pick up those guns as well.” [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

For nearly five minutes, Crawford highlighted the rising trend of women using guns for sport. She even discussed how much “fun” it was to fire a shotgun. The segment was so positive, guest co-host Vinita Nair said of Crawford: “You looked great holding that gun. Pretty sexy.”

After explaining that females use guns for many reasons, including self defense, Crawford narrated, “I spent some time down in South Carolina shooting clay targets with women who say this is a lot more fun than golf.”

Women casually explaining the thrill and appeal of shooting is unusual for network morning programs. Yet, Crawford related, “These women argue that education is critical for responsible ownership. They also want to share their positive experience with guns.” She then highlighted the story of a daughter and her favorite Christmas present:

CONLEY CRIMMINS (daughter): I think I started crying. I think I started crying when I opened it up. It was kind of like my dad giving me a permanent present or a permanent invitation to come join him hunting and that has been true since I got that gun.

BOOFIE CRIMMINS (Conley’s mom): I would like more of that image to be what takes the place of the images people have when they think guns. It is just enjoyable, and it might be out of some people’s comfort zone but I would just encourage them to try it.

Though offering balance on the issue of guns isn’t common, CBS reporters have made more of an effort. On July 8, This Morning promoted “gun-toting waitresses” at a restaurant that encourages open carry of weapons.

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