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Spc. 4 Donald P. Sloat & Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie Adkins receive Medal of Honor

Spc. 4 Donald P. Sloat & Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie Adkins receive Medal of Honor

2 Vietnam War soldiers to receive Medal of Honor >> Stars and Stripes
For decades, Spc. 4 Donald P. Sloat’s mother thought he had died after stepping on a land mine in Vietnam. Then, in 2010, she heard the real story: Her son was killed saving the lives of the other men in his squad.

Obama push to hire veterans into federal jobs spurs resentment >> Washington Post
President Obama’s push to hire military veterans for jobs across the government is fueling resentment in federal offices, as longtime civil servants and former troops on the other side of the cubicle increasingly question each other’s competence and qualifications.

MARSOC vet relives elite Marines’ fight for survival in Afghan wasteland >> Marine Corps Times
It’s a rare individual who can, in one breath, wax poetic about his bar band’s adaptation of Pink Floyd’s early psychedelia and, in the very next, deconstruct his Marine special operations team’s quixotic foray in Afghanistan’s hopeless Bala Murghab valley. But Michael Golembesky is just that sort of dude.

The Veterans No One Talks About >> National Journal
The Pentagon says that the majority of soldiers-about 77 percent-do receive an honorable discharge. But more than 600,000 received a lesser rating between fiscal years 2000 and 2013, according to a Defense Department breakdown. These soldiers often feel left behind by the government and find it very hard to get the full benefits they believe they have earned.

Marine wounded alongside Kyle Carpenter featured in new documentary project >> Army Times
Many are familiar with the story behind Cpl. Kyle Carpenter’s Medal of Honor, but few know much about the friend and fellow Marine he was trying to protect. Now a documentary filmmaker is sharing the story of Lance Cpl. Nick Eufrazio, a young man who was told he’d never speak again, highlighting his trying recovery.

Veteran broke barriers as a woman, African American soldier >> San Antonio Express-News
Joining the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps after World War II broke out was a civic duty for Rose Witherspoon Spence, but looking back on it all in her old age, she knows it was much more than that.

Air Force expects high op tempo for Europe rotations >> Air Force Times
The Air Force has spent the last 20 years reducing its footprint in Europe, but the last six months of Russian military aggression, among other world events, could force the service to rethink that strategy.

Milestone for women: Army could admit female soldiers to Ranger School next spring >> The News Tribune
Friday, the Army announced that it’s seeking female candidates for the spring 2015 Ranger School course. By January, the Army will announce whether it will admit female soldiers to the program.

Helping military veterans succeed >> Washington Post
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly one in 10 civilians ages 18 and over were military veterans in 2013. From this group of 21.4 million people, about 2.8 million served during the second Gulf War era, compared with 4 percent of veterans from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam eras.

For ailing veterans, endless government delays >> LA Times
Wayyne Scott, a World War II Navy veteran and Culver City schoolteacher, began falling apart after his wife died. First it was meningitis and then Parkinson’s and dementia. His daughter, Kim Richards, kept hoping she would be notified that a bed was finally available for her father at CalVet’s West Los Angeles Veterans Home, where Scott had been on a waiting list since early 2012.

Reps criticize VA handling of Waco brain research >> Associated Press
Two members of the U.S. House Veterans’ Affairs Committee have expressed concern over the ability of the Department of Veterans Affairs to handle a costly brain research program in Waco.

The VA Needs To Move Fast To Better Help Its Newest Veterans >> Government Executive
Years of study notwithstanding, the Veterans Affairs Department still knows too little about the readjustment difficulties faced by the increasingly younger and more female cohort of recently separated service members.

Miss. medical board sues VA for radiology records >> Associated Press
Mississippi’s state Board of Medical Licensure has sued the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs over its refusal to release the names of patients who may have suffered because of the misconduct of a former radiologist at the G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery Medical Center.

VA clinic access in question >> San Diego Union-Tribune
When the Department of Veterans Affairs opened a new health clinic in Sorrento Valley last month, it pledged to make it easier for veterans to access timely medical care amid a national probe of VA medical center wait times

VA whistleblower claims retaliation for reporting arrest of high-ranking official >> Washington Times
Last month, he reported to VA officials in Washington on the April arrest of a high-ranking official who oversees nearly a dozen medical centers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. That same day, Mr. Colon-Christensen says he lost his credentialing privileges and was detailed to a new job.

Breaking: Navy pilot still missing after two F/A-18s crash in Pacific

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