RIP Robin Williams, Comedian and Friend to Veterans Everywhere

Robin Williams, the famed comedian and actor, died on Monday at age 63.

He had a remarkable career, and was one of the funniest people of all time. But beyond his career of making people laugh — one of my favorites being his role as Vietnam-era radio personality Adrian Cronauer — his response in 2007 to troops in Kuwait who basically turned their back on him is one worth remembering.

Williams was there for a USO tour for the soldiers, most of whom were either headed to Iraq or supporting combat troops already there. In the middle of a bit, Williams — and the thousands of troops in front him — hear a trumpet sound.

It was “Retreat” — a signal to those soldiers that the American flag was being taken down at the end of the day. At its sound, the custom is to face the music, stand at attention, and salute. In this case, Williams is left on stage, watching thousands of soldiers turn away from him…

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