Delaware Veterans Welcomed Obama With Their Backs to him – LITERALLY!

Earlier today President Obama arrived in Delaware, and our veterans welcomed him with their backs turned.

Todays “warm welcome” to Delaware was organized by Martin Nicholson, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp, and the Northeast Regional Coordinator for Gun Rights Across America. The Oathkeepers and 3 Corner Patriots were also well represented at approximately noon when Obama’s motorcade drove by.

In the video, Nicholson can be heard Today's event organizer Martin Nicholson, veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp and Gun Rights Across America Northeast Regional Coordinator, interviews with a local Delaware news station. giving the commands to approximately 25 our veterans to turn their backs, and again when to face forward after the motorcade had passed. The video stays focused primarily on the passing motorcade, but the vets back were turned from approximately :35 seconds to 1:08 seconds into the video.

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