WWII Vet, 98, volunteers 17,000 plus hours at hospital

Olen Levell Jr. has volunteered more than 20 years at Flagler Hospital (Photo: Kathryn Jeffries, FCN)

At 98-years-old, Olen Levell Jr. still has a witty sense of humor that keeps everyone around him laughing. You could say service runs in his blood, service to others and service to our country.

“I flew 28 missions during the war and had a great crew,” told Olen Levell Jr.

Olen is a World War II veteran that flew B-24s and even flew on D-Day. He loves sharing war stories with friends and other volunteers and spends most of his time in the pharmacy.

“Working with the people I enjoy it and they put up with me, that’s the thing. It keeps me out of trouble,” laughed Olen.

So next time you visit Flagler Hospital, keep an eye out for its #1 volunteer!

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